Tempo-Sport Linthathlon. A new race in the triathlon calendar – with Tempo Sport as title sponsor. We are convinced that smaller, regional events deserve support. That’s why, after the Tempo-Sport Aarau Triathlon, we are now also engaged in the Linthathlon.

After our successful premiere of linthkanal swimming in the corona year 2020, team rider Silvan Bruhin met with the idea of the Linthathlon with us on open ears. Immediately we caught fire and pledged our commitment. The Linthathlon thus became the Tempo-Sport Linthathlon. It is expected to be the first triathlon in the 2021 Swiss race season. Fingers crossed!

Volunteering, enthusiasm instead of profit

Tempo Sport is analogous to Tempo-Sport Aarau Triathlon also the title sponsor at the Linthathlon. We support the organizers financially and with finisher/winner prizes. We are also present on site. But the whole organization runs through a local OK. Unlike events of professional event organizers such as the Challenge or Ironman series, such regional events are 100% based on the tireless work of volunteers. No one receives a wage, no one does it for money. Of course, we have nothing against professional envent organizers. But it also absolutely needs events such as the Linthathlon, where enthusiasm and personal commitment are the driving force. In many cases, local clubs form the backbone of the events. This is also the case with the Linthathlon, where Jtri and the Crazy Turtles are the driving forces.

Fewer and fewer low-threshold events

In recent years or even decades, (too) many such events have disappeared. In the 90s and early 2000s, there were still several smaller, local triathlons. Who still remembers the legendary events such as domino triathlon in Baar, the Aegeri triathlon or the Wyland triathlon, to name a few? Unfortunately, everything disappeared. However, such occasions were and are a deep-threshold opportunity for beginners to try their way to a triathlon. The background for the disappearance is probably a mix of reasons: the increased effort for permits, the tendency of the authorities to prevent it, liability issues, conflicts of use, but also the mentality of the consumer society (instead of engaging oneself, it is better to consume only).

Whether time trial machine or lowtech bike

It is all the more beautiful when events such as the Aarau Triathlon and now the Linthathlon appear on the competition stage. Whether with a time trial bike and aero helmet or with a commuter bike with rack: Everything is allowed here, no one is looked at askance here. Triathlon as in the beginning, so to speak. Triathlon as an attitude to life. And above all: In no other sport do full professionals start in the same competition as bloody beginners and respect each other. Where else does the professional personally cheer on the hobby athlete after his finish? Well, that’s triathlon! And it’s precisely this spirit, this incredibly beautiful community experience, that’s exactly why we’re committed to this.

Participate before studying

At a time when all the big companies are only investing in king football or at most a few other main sports, it is all the more important that such smaller events in – let’s be honest – fringe sports such as triathlon do not disappear even more. From the point of view of large companies, this sponsoring concept is understandable. But for small events in fringe sports simply deadly. The trend towards online shops does not help here either. Fewer regional specialist shops, fewer regional sponsors. The formula is as simple as that. But: Regional events need participants! Therefore, our call: Join in, be part of it, enjoy it, tackle a sporting experience in your region. Or get to know a new region, especially the Linth plain is ideal with the traffic-FREE roads.

See you in July at the Linthathlon and in September at the Aarau Triathlon. Let’s rocknroll!

The Linthatlon: What is it?

May we introduce you: the Tempo-Sport Linthathlon, which will take place on Sunday, July 4, 2021. Yes, what is that? THE triathlon competition between Weesen and Rapperswil; You swim in the Linth canal, turn your kilometers in the Linth plain on the bike and run your laps on the Linthdamm. The short distance is suitable for all interested parties – already students U12 can register. The Youth League and National League categories are also represented. And if you don’t want to complete all three disciplines, you will find your place in the relay. Sign up now. Let’s go: https://linthathlon.ch/


Sport is emotion. Whether you go jogging once a week or prepare an Ironman: sport always gives you something in return. Especially in the times of online shopping, we are convinced that these emotions can only be shared from person to person, athlete to athlete. In our stores you breathe real sports air. But above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site.

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