Team Tempo Sport

Individual athletes with team spirit

The Team “Tempo-Sport – BE THE CHANGE” consists of more than 50 athletes.

The Swiss triathlon, road bike, mountain bike and running scene has long become accustomed to the image: athletes from Team Tempo-Sport are not only at the start line of many competitions but also extremely successful. “The team has definitely established itself at home and abroad,” says the team leader, René Kuster, on the build-up work through tempo sports and the various sponsors. “It’s especially nice that our team has great consistency while teams come and go all around.”

Constancy and loyalty

The consistency is also reflected in the small change of the team members.

Individual athletes as a team

The team “Tempo-Sport – BE THE CHANGE” is a clear commitment to the team spirit among individual athletes.


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The team is supported by the following sponsors:


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