An incorrect sitting position, an unsuitable adjusted bike or even the wrong kicking technique can quickly take the pleasure of cycling or turn a triathlon into a nightmare. Every person is different, the ideal sitting position is a very individual matter.

We are convinced that a computer program can never replace our experience but also not really respond to your individual needs.

Details about our Bikefitting

We carry out the detailed analysis in our shop at Seestrasse 93 in Horgen (Zurich), where we have all the necessary technical means at your side.

On the agreed date you will come to us with your own bike, the bike shoesand a short cycling shorts.

We offer the following analysis for road or triathlon bikes:

Seat position, tread and posture analysis

An optimal performance development can be achieved with the seat position, tread and posture analysis. With the valuable tips on this topic, the analysis takes about an hour and you will receive not only the complete seat position setting but also valuable informations about:

  • Saddle position and saddle type
  • Cranklength
  • Shoe position, foot position
  • Stem length and handlebar position
  • handlebar width
  • Position of the brake handles
  • Location and length of the Tri-bars
  • Pedaling sequence
  • Homogeneous use of force
  • Holistic use of muscles
  • Road and triathlon driving position

This comprehensive analysis costs from CHF 360.-.

We look forward to your visit.
For an appointment and a short quote please contact us by e-mail
at or by phone on 044 222 12 12

Analysis dates

We prefer to perform the analyses at the following times:

  • Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00

We ask for your understanding that we cannot carry out the analyses during the main business hours of Tempo Sport Horgen (Zurich). Eine konzentrierte Analysearbeit ist bei zu viel Action im Laden einfach nicht möglich.

What our customers say

I was very successful last year Ironman in Zurich, became Agegroup winner at the 60-65J. Ohne das P3 wäre ich kräfteraubender gefahren und hätte wie früher länger gebraucht für die Umstellung aufs Laufen. Deine Sitz- und Lenkereinstellung mit den Trittinstruktionen waren für mich goldwert, verhalfen mir auf Anhieb zum Ticket nach Hawaii.


Almost two weeks ago Andy and I were with you on Saturday mornings for a seat analysis. Now that I have been on the road a few times, flat and mountainous, I can say: SUPER! Unbelievable how much safer I feel on the tri bike. I’ve been constantly focused on ‘swipe off feet, knees in, our backs round and arms bent’ and I think I was even a bit faster! So, thank you very much. More infos after the competition!


Today, I was on the bike you set up yesterday. And it wasn’t just any training, but a quick double training: 1h bike, with 10km full throttle and then jogging. Und es war nicht irgendein Training, sondern ein schnelles Doppeltraining: 1h Rad, mit 10km Vollgas und anschliessend Joggen.

Well, René, it was perfect: the position aggressive and yet extremely confortabel, no pulling neither in the back nor behind the neck, just awesome! And I was very focused on pulling and i had very fresh legs when I switched to the bike. Und ich habe mich sehr darauf konzentriert zu ziehen und prompt beim Wechsel auf das Rad hatte ich sehr frische Beine.

Believe me René, this is not a “placebo” effect, it is in fact a completely different and absolutely satisfying feeling on the bike and then during the run. Great, thank you very much!!!! Super, vielen vielen Dank!!!!


In April of this year I was with you for seat position analysis on the bike. Das ist nun gut zwei Monate seither und in dieser Zeit habe ich mich während dem Radtraining stark auf deine Tipps konzentriert, sei dies Aeroposition, Kopfhaltung oder Trittbild.

Of course, I was curious to see how and if this would affect the 180 km of bikes at Ironman Switzerland. And behold, I was able to improve my time on the bike by 10 minutes compared to the previous year!!

I never thought that your technical tips would bring me this much and finally be so clearly reflected in the cycling time.




Sport is emotion. Whether you go jogging casually once a week or prepare an Ironman, sport always gives you something back. Especially in the age of online shopping, we are convinced that these emotions can only be shared from person to person, athlete to athlete. In our shops you breathe real sports air. Above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site. In our shops in Horgen (Zurich) and Erlinsbach (near Aarau) you breathe in real sports air. Above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site.