Mountain bike and cross team

Tempo Sport is back on the 2021 season with its own cross- and mountain bike team . Eight riders represent our colours in cross- and various mountain bike races. The mix of ambitious and hobby athletes promises a lot of variety. We are looking forward to exciting stories from the trails at home and abroad.

Tempo Sport is reviving its mountain bike team for the 2021 season. More precisely: a cross- and mountain bike team. Why “relive”? Because Tempo Sport was created about 30 years ago through the then still very young mountain bike sport. As a result, Tempo Sport led a highly successful national mountain bike team. Now it’s back! But with a slightly different focus. We want to bring together ambitious and amateur athletes, similar to the triathlon and cycling team. The new Team Tempo Sport Cannondale consists of (for the time being) eight athletes from the hobby to elite sector. Cannondale could be won as an exclusive bike supplier. Other well-known equipment suppliers support the team. The new team complements the Tempo Sport BE THE CHANGE team in an ideal way and represents an important part of our DNA: Mountain biking is still an important part of our business model and still a matter of heart. We are therefore pleased to send our own mountain bike team back to the trails.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the team will focus on mountain bike races in the second half of the season . At the top of the racing calendar are the National Park BikeMarathon and the Ironbike Einsiedeln. Various races in the run-up to the two main competitions round off the program of the season.

More about the team can be found HERE.



The team is supported by the following sponsors:


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