For over 15 years, we have been advising athletes who want to reconcile work, family and other obligations or interests with their sporting passion. Who wants to waste valuable time in this situation? We help you to use the time efficiently and offer the entire spectrum from one-time consultations to seasonal planning to detailed training plans. At fair prices and with ongoing feedback and adjustments. We have extensive experience in this area, but we always remain open to new developments that we incorporate into the training concepts. Of course, we can also show a number of successes, respectively the athletes we supervise. All training concepts have been and will be tried out on ourselves. Until now (almost) always successful.

Our offer

Our concrete offer training plam and coaching for triathletes, runners, cyclists, gigathletes, multiathletes, swimmers:

Individual trainingplans

  • Create an individual trainingplan, tailored to the planned season peak, performance and, above all, the available time budget for training
  • We are happy to pass on our many years of experience in coaching: reconciling work, family and targeted training is possible. We support you in this!
  • Cost per month:
    • Running: CHF 120.-
    • Bike: CHF 180.-
    • Triathlon (Short distance): CHF 200.-
    • Triathlon (medium/long distance): 220.-
    • Gigathlon or other multisport events as single/couple: 220.-

In order to ensure quality, we only look after a certain number of athletes per season. Therefore, we recommend early contact. It is best to ask immediately at: or Therefore, we recommend early contact. It is best to ask immediately at: carlos.cuenca(at) or marcel.kamm(at)

Individual advice for triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers

Maybe you don’t want a detailed training plan but only support with the rough planning? Or do you have questions about your trainings, possible training forms or, more generally, about the individual sports? Or for nutrition in training and competition? Here, you are at the right address: We offer hourly advice that is individually tailored to you and your question. An experienced coach will advise you on all your open questions.

The cost of one hour of consultation is CHF 120.-. It is best to ask immediately at: or It is best to ask immediately at: carlos.cuenca(at) or marcel.kamm(at)

Individual running support

Experienced coach Carlos Cuenca will help you get faster, avoid injuries or build up your workout better:

– Individual technical training
– running analysis with running ABC
– Individual interval training
– training advice

If you are interested, please contact Carlos Cuenca directly, tell him your needs and make an appointment: Cost per hour: CHF 120.-.

Our coaches

Carlos Cuenca

Coach and active triathlete, racing cyclist. Carlos was an extremely successful middle distance runner. He had to give up his elite sports career due to an injury. Before that, he was five times Swiss champion and six times vice-Swiss champion over the middle distances. With his best time of 3.40.23 over 1500 meters, he still figures on the eternal Swiss leaderboard in 15th place. However, the sport did not let go of the former member of the Swiss national athletics team and he became a successful triathlete with various top results at all distances. In the meantime, he mainly rode bicycle races, where he regularly stood on the podium. In recent years, however, the triathlon virus has brought him firmly under control again. Carlos has various trainer diplomas and training courses. However, his wealth of experience is much more important than all the awards. He likes to make this available to his athletes.

Marcel Kamm

Experienced coach and active triathlete, gigathlete and racing cyclist. As a former member of the Swiss national rowing team, Marcel Kamm switched to triathlon in the 90s after completing his top-class sports career. Almost on the job, he tried everything on himself and achieved great progress very quickly. With various podiums at Ironman (best time Ironman 9.24, IM in Zurich), several qualifications for the Ironman Hawaii (best time Hawaii: 9.56) as well as podium places at Gigathlon (category Couple) as well as at short and long bicycle races, he has enough experience to pass on his know-how to athletes. Marcel is still an active athlete and is always looking for new challenges. In 2015, for example, he finished the Norseman, which is considered one of the toughest Ironman races in the world, in 25th place.

Michael “Micky” Tronczik

Micky is a former top swimmer and was a member of the German national team for a long time. Today, he is one of the most established and experienced swimming coaches in Switzerland. He is head of technical training for Swiss swimming instructors. Especially in the field of triathlon, he is probably the reference in terms of swimming training. He has already supervised many top athletes and made them faster. Above all, however, he has enormous experience with amateur athletes of all levels. He became known to a wider audience in 2012 as an official swimming coach in a series on Swiss television SRF. Micky manages all open water swims of Tempo-Sport as well as other swimming events of Tempo-Sport, for example as part of the trainings for the Gigathlon or Ironman Switzerland. Micky also likes to give individual lessons and write swimming training plans according to individual needs.



Sport is emotion. Whether you go jogging casually once a week or prepare an Ironman, sport always gives you something back. Especially in the age of online shopping, we are convinced that these emotions can only be shared from person to person, athlete to athlete. In our shops you breathe real sports air. Above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site. In our shops you breathe real sports air. Above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site.