Tempo-Sport offers an above-average selection of running shoes. Above all, we offer you our extensive experience and the appropriate advice. Why is counselling especially crucial for hobby runners? There are countless running shoe brands and many more models. We currently have more than 40 different models from a total of five leading suppliers in Horgen for all applications, runner types and gear images.

We constantly check our product range. We only offer the products of which we ourselves are convinced. Above all, we help you to find the ideal running shoe from the jungle of models. With us, foot and gait analyses are just as natural during the consultation as a detailed discussion about your needs. It’s best to bring your old running shoes. These give us important clues about your gait. We work with mirror table and, if necessary, with video recordings. You can also test all your shoes with us.


With us, every shoe purchase includes:

  • Static analysis of your foot and b adjustment (mirror table)
  • Dynamic assessment (indoor or outdoor, depending on weather)
  • Video analysis (if necessary as further decision support)

With your additional information such as application range, weight, etc., we can determine the right running shoe models for you. You can try them out in and in front of the store and have a guarantee to purchase the shoes that are suitable for you.

By the way: Ideally, you’ll bring your old running shoes with you. These can provide us with important additional information.

We look forward to your visit (no pre-registration required for running shoe consultation).

How do you find the right running shoe?

The choice of running shoes is almost endless. There are special models for each foot. In addition, shoes for competitions, training, trail running or triathlon. At the same time, the “Natural Running” is on everyone’s mouth, which promotes running shoes with less support and damping. In short, the variety of models is so great that a mishandling on the shelf is almost certain without appropriate advice or prior knowledge. Our tip when buying a running shoe: We strongly recommend that you buy the running shoe at a specialistshop. This is that you know what matters, we would like to give you some principles of buying running shoes onto your way (to the specialist shop). In a specialist shop such as Tempo-Sport, the following principles are taken into account when advising on running shoes:

  1. Step: Determination of foot type

First, the foot type (e.g. on the mirror table) should be determined. Because this says a lot about the right running shoe. Certain types of feet tend to be specific types of stress:

  • Lower foot and Flatfoot: Tendency to buckle (overpronation)
  • Hollow foot: The load on the foot is rather on the outer edge (supination)
  • Normal foot: Uniform load on the foot
  1. 2. Step: Leg axis (dynamic) assess

    The foot types identified alone are not yet sufficient to determine the shoe type safely. Therefore, the dynamic movement must be assessed. Is anyone more prone to O-legs or X-legs? In the case of O-legs, the foot is usually loaded on the outside, but with X-legs there is a tendency to buckle the foot under load.
  1. Step: Running style

Forefoot runners do not usually need a supported shoe, because they themselves already provide optimal foot guidance and cushioning with the running technique. A “Natural Running” shoe can also be useful here.

Heel and middle foot runners need a support on the inside if the foot/b adjustment (overpronation) is appropriate. In addition, a better cushioning makes sense with this running style.

  1. Step: Use of the shoe and weight of the runner

    Only when it is clear whether you need a supported or neutral shoe, the last selection criterion is the weight and the intended use. A competition shoe for short distances is built much lighter, but also dampens less and usually has (if at all) only a minimal pronation support on the inside. If you are travelling on trails (e.g. the Xterra), you need a shoe with the appropriate off-road sole. However, most running shoes can be used without hesitation on asphalt and normal forest paths.
  2. Step: Fit

    5. Step: Fit For each manufacturer, the fit is slightly different. Some are known for a rather wide cut, while others offer rather narrow shoes. In addition, competition shoes tend to be a little tighter. Therefore, trying different shoes from different manufacturers is the only serious way to find the ideal running shoe.

Other tips for buying a running shoe:

Bring old running shoes

The old running shoe usually helps with the consultation: Depending on where the sole has expired, the running type can be determined with relatively high certainty.

Buy shoes in the afternoon

The feet swell during the day and during the run (up to a number). It is therefore advisable to try on the shoes in the afternoon. For morning customers: Buy something “too big”.

Special triathlon running shoes

There are special running shoes for triathlon. These differ mainly by the following details of conventional running shoes:

  • Inner material that can be run without socks
  • Quick lacing system so that the shoes can be put on and off without strings and still sit full
  • Entry aids on the shoe for a quick changeover
  • Ventilation holes in the sole

At least the quick lacing system can be retrofitted with all running shoes without great cost and with little effort (e.g. with “Lock Laces”). Thus, in principle, any running shoe can also be equipped for triathlon use. Our tip: It is much more important to find the right shoe and retrofit it with a quick lacing system than to buy a special triathlon shoe, which then leads to injuries at worst, because it does not fit the running style and the leg/foot position.


Sport is emotion. Whether you go jogging casually once a week or prepare an Ironman, sport always gives you something back. Especially in the age of online shopping, we are convinced that these emotions can only be shared from person to person, athlete to athlete. In our shops you breathe real sports air. Above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site.


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