Every Sunday morning at 9 a.m.
2 Groups: Tempo Ride and Social Ride

Would you like to ride a nice road bike tour with like-minded people on Sunday? Are you tired of riding the same routes on your own? Or are you looking for a quick group to test or improve your shape? Then you are right at our road bike meet up.
From 21 June until 6 September 2020, road cyclists/triathletes meet every Sunday for a joint ride. The lead is taken over by members of the Tempo-Sport – BE THE CHANGE team.

The road bike meet up is open to all.

We have two performance groups so that everyone has a pleasant ride. Both groups start at 9 a.m. in Horgen in front of the shop.

Tempo Ride: The ambitious test their shape at the Sattelegg. You have a good level of fitness, like to go fast and you are not shy from raising the pulse up from time to time. For the Tempo Ride you don’t have to be a professional, but you should trust yourself to be on the road at a fast pace for around 3 hours with altitude meters. Above all, riding in a group doesn’t bother you.

Social Ride: In this group, all pleasure riders meet like-minded people. Here, the focus is not on pace but on enjoyment. With the Social Ride we vary the distances between 2 and 3 hours, so that you can get to know new routes. The prerequisite for participation is that you can ride in a group and trust to ride up to 3 hours on the road bike, even on a track with altitude meters.
Routes: The planned route for the social ride will be published in advance on our website (see downloads below).

We end the road bike meeting together in Horgen with a coffee (on our own account, voluntarily). Participation in the road bike meet up is free of charge.

Data and time

Every Sunday, June 21 to September 6, 2020, meeting point: 9 a.m. in front of our shop in Horgen. In principle, it takes place in all weathers.

Good to know

This is a joint training trip without personal support. All participants show up with suitable material, wear a helmet and ride at their own risk. Tempo Sport takes no liability. Registration is not necessary, but due to the Covid 19 Regulation, a list of presences is maintained.

Route data Social Ride Download

Social Ride June 21, 9 a.m.

Our first tour takes us to the southernmost municipality of the canton of Zurich, huts. After a somewhat flat start on the Seestrasse we turn right in Käpf and ride mostly on side roads to the south. Some steep but short ascents stand in the way. On the way back there is a swivel around the golf course Schönenberg, after that the fast descent towards Sihlbrugg awaits. In the middle of the industrial quarter, the beautiful side road in the direction of Kappel am Albis branches off quite unexpectedly. Probably one of the highlights of this round. From there it goes via Albis (easier side!) back towards Lake Zurich. Admittedly, this tour has a few altitude meters. But flat is for anyone, this is real road bike riding.

Social Ride June 28, 9 a.m.

Today we start immediately after the Seehallen in the first climb towards Horgenberg. Up there we show you the really nice route towards Hirzel. Steep but great fun. And what a view. Then we go over to Samstagern and Hütten to Menzingen, where we have already conquered the majority of the altitude meters for today. Of course, we ride to Menzingen again and again on side roads. Shortly before the monastery we turn right and ride down on small sheds to Sihlbrugg. On the Sihltalstrasse we rush down to Sihlwald, from where we get direttissima over the “Sihlstutz” unknown to most of the Gümelern up to Horgenberg and down to the Seehallen. Even today there are a few meters of altitude, but also scenic highlights are waiting for you. So the effort is worth it! As I said: Everyone can ride flat.

Social Ride July 5, 9 a.m.

Even today, there are a few altitude meters on the program. But who wants to miss this panoramic tour! After the warmup ascent shortly after Käpfnach to Lake Hüttnersee, we head to Schindellegi for the absolute highlight of this tour, to the unbeatable panoramic view over the entire Lake Zurich. The ascent is not easy, but it is feasible. But this world-class prospect justifies all the effort a thousand folds. Afterwards we go down over the historic wooden bridge in Egg and via Bennau back to Schindellegi, huts and Hirzel into the local likes of the Seehallen.

Social Ride July 12, 9 a.m.: Christa’s Choice

This route was compiled by Christa Hess. She knows every street in the region and will lead the group today. A few metres of altitude await you, but also magnificent panoramic views. Immediately after the start we head up towards Horgenberg and Hirzelhöchi. From there it goes down the old Zugerstrasse (very steep at the end) to Sihlbrugg. We take the main road towards Neuheim for a short time, but soon the route branches off and we arrive on small side roads via Winzwilen to Finstersee. The KOM is today on the Gottschalkenberg. The ascent from Finstersee is almost always in the forest in summer and it leads via the not so steep variant via Sparenhütte. On the other side we go down again and we pass over the beautiful Schwandegg side Finstersee, take the shot with us past the Bostadel and get back to Horgen quite directly via Hirzel. Probably the most challenging tour of the Social Ride 2020 so far, but doable and above all beautiful.

Social Ride July 19, 9 a.m.

Today we are going to the Säuliamt. First via the known ascent to Hirzelhöchi and Sihlbrugg. Then over a beautiful side road to Hausen and Kappel am Albis, on to Rifferswil, from where we cruise on the Jonentalstrasse to the outskirts of Affoltern am Albis. In front of the village we turn sharply right, climb a few meters on the main road, but leave it at the first opportunity and come out again via a small side road with a beautiful panorama (paved) below Aeugst. Via Müliberg (attention, again beautiful panorama) we go down to Aeugstertal, past the Türlersee over the Albis to Sihlwald, from where we reach the Sihlstutz up to Horgenberg and finally Horgen.

Social Ride July 26, 9 a.m.

Today’s ride is under the motto “Lake-Panorama”. However, the world-class views over lakes and mountains have to be earned quite a bit. From Horgen, you pass Hirzel at the Teufenbachweiher to Finstersee. From there, attractive side roads await their discovery. These lead us with a short but violent ascent to the Schwandegg and then to the Gubel, where the Bloodhound defences system of the army greets us. A few bends later, the Kistenpass waits and then the landscape opens up in front of us to a huge panoramic view over Lake Aegeri and the Alps. No one can escape this sight, photos are mandatory. On a winding panoramic road we head towards the Ratenpass, which we reach at the end over a few meters of main road. There we turn right in the direction of Gottschalkenberg and leave the hustle and bustle behind us. The descent over the Sparenhütte offers an incredible view over Lake Zurich. Back in the valley, after a short ascent, we descend via Schönenberg to Horgen. Sure, there are also some altitude meters with you today, but the panoramas over Lake Aegeri and Lake Zurich are worth every drop of sweat!

Social Ride August 2, 9 a.m.

Today’s tour takes us via the well-known ascent to Hirzelhöchi and Sihlbrugg. Then over a beautiful side road to Hausen and Kappel am Albis, on to Rifferswil, from where we cruise on the Jonentalstrasse to the outskirts of Affoltern am Albis. In front of the village we turn sharply right, climb a few meters on the main road, but leave it at the first opportunity and come out again via a small side road with a beautiful panorama (paved) below Aeugst. Via Müliberg (attention, again beautiful panorama) we go down to Aeugstertal, past the Türlersee over the Albis to Sihlwald, from where we reach the Sihlstutz up to Horgenberg and finally Horgen.

Social Ride August 9, 9 a.m.

This “classic tour” takes us via Horgenberg, Sihlwald and Langnau to the Buchenegg. The Buchenegg ascent is an absolute classic in the region and at this time of the day almost free of motorcycles. After the fast descent we follow the slightly ascending road past the idyllic Türlersee on the separate bike path to Hausen and Kappel am Albis. On the practically traffic-free side road with a great view over lake Zugersee to the Alps we pass Sihlbrugg for a short time, but disappear immediately on the opposite side on a small road towards Neuheim. From there we climb first steeply, but then very pleasantly up to the main road at Finstersee. A quick descent takes us over the Sihl and after a short ascent via Schönenberg back to Lake Zurich.

Social Ride August 16, 9 a.m.

Today’s tour is a mix of several routes already riden. Almost a “best of”. We start over the not too steep ascent from Käpfnach, from where we can enjoy a first incredible view over Lake Zurich just before we reach the motorway (necessarily look back ;-)). Afterwards, we go on side roads via the golf course and Schönenberg to Bostadel, via even smaller roads down again into the Sihltal. Because the bike path to Kappel a. Albis from Sihlbrugg is so beautiful, we ride it again today. Via the Albis and Langnau, we reach through the forest abbreviation directly the Sihltal and over our well known Sihlstutz up to Horgenberg and back to the Seehallen. A wonderful summer lap with some altitude meters, many small side roads and panoramic views.

Social Ride August 23, 9 a.m.

Today we ride a little shorter than usual for a change. But the tour is spicy enough with some steep climbs. Overall, however, it is feasible for everyone, no worries. Our first ascent leads to Horgenberg and over the panoramic route to Hirzel. From there around the golf course, we continue via Samstagern to the idyllic Hüttnersee and immediately on to the Teufenbachweiher. But we leave it to the right and turn into the side road back towards Hirzel. After a quick descent on the main road we reach the Sihltal, where we can roll slightly downhill a few kilometers before the final ascent via Horgenberg awaits us. A pleasure tour for an enjoyable Sunday.

Social Ride August 30, 9 a.m.

The second last social ride of the year remains with a “house lap”. Even in view of the rather wet weather report, we are not going too far today. But we couldn’t leave it and built in a little challenge: The “Mur de Sihlbrugg” is waiting for you! Don’t you know? No problem, you will never forget it once you rode it. We start via Oberrieden and the Sihlstutz down towards Sihlbrugg quite easy. But then the wall is already waiting for you! Immediately after the big roundabout in Sihlbrugg, we head into the climb towards Hirzel. Not on the busy main road but just over the Mur. Have fun! Once at the top a nice route around golf course and back over the “Sageweg” to Hirzel awaits you, then direttissima towards Seehallen. Enjoy!

Social Ride, September 6, 9 a.m.: Final tour

The end of this year’s social ride is already approaching. Therefore we ride a little further than usual. But we will make a short pit stop at Lake Aegeri for a coffee. First we ride via Hirzel and Menzingen to the Gubel. This is followed by the entire panoramic road – probably one of the most beautiful cycle routes in the whole of Central Switzerland – high above Lake Aegeri to Morgarten. Enjoy and soak up the view again. Once back down at the lake we ride on the shores of Lake Aegeri via Unteraegeri to Sihlbrugg and over the Sihlstutz again to the seehallen. The tour will probably last about 3.5 hours including the coffee break midway. But the effort is worth it!


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