At the moment, it seems to be teeming with joggers. Our impression is that there have rarely been as many people out there to run. However, you don’t just see beautiful pictures: overused shoes, blatant misalignments, sometimes obvious overload. Our running coach and co-owner of Tempo Sport, Carlos Cuenca, has put together some tips for beginners so that as many people as possible can still enjoy running after the lockdown.

Principles for a running experience with a high fun factor

  • Moderate start, less is more at the beginning.
  • Rather jog in the flat terrain, don’t push your heart rate too high.
  • Step by step start, continuity is important.
  • Better several short runs than a few long jogs.
  • If you want to invest more time in training at the beginning, you should invest in hull/strength/alternative training and stretching.
  • At the beginning, it’s better to be underwhelmed with exerercise than overwhelmed. Running can lead to overloads, especially (but not only!) for beginners.
  • At the beginning, it’s better to jog alone to run the own base pace.
  • Breath mainly through the mouth.
  • Take shorter steps to avoid overload.
  • Sport with a full stomach is not so great, but when jogging a real fun killer!
  • Don’t forget the use of your arms. About 45-degree angle between forearm and upper arm and swing the arms parallel to the upper body.
  • Do not end your run with a “finish line sprint”. The risk of injury is far too great in a sprint at the end, because the muscles and musculoskeletal system are already tired.

Running doesn’t need a lot of sports equipment. But the few that are needed are very important:

And these are exaggeratedly formulated only the right running shoes. The rest doesn’t matter, you can also jog in your pyjamas ????. A good running shoe advice is mandatory, because whether beginners or professionals: From the many models you have to find the right one for you. This is best achieved with a running shoe consultation at Tempo Sport. This is of course included when buying a running shoe!

An entry plan into running can look like this:

Jog 3 times a week for 10 minutes and then increase 5′-10′ every week. If necessary, also take walking breaks at the beginning. When you have reached 30′ of non stop jogging, the running time only increases after two weeks with three workouts per week. When you have reached 60′, you are no longer considered a complete beginner and can start with a slight interval training (now at the latest also participate in one of our running seminars ????).

And the most important thing at the end:

Do not compare yourself with others. What counts is your own performance and above all your well-being!

Have fun

Carlos Cuenca

P.S.: Here I show you the most important technical exercises. Try theres (cautiously)


Sport is emotion. Whether you go jogging once a week or prepare an Ironman: sport always gives you something in return. Especially in the times of online shopping, we are convinced that these emotions can only be shared from person to person, athlete to athlete. In our stores you breathe real sports air. But above all, you will receive the advice you can expect on site.

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