At the moment, massage pistols are on everyone’s mouth. We also run these Compex products at Tempo Sport for several weeks now. But what exactly do they bring, is it worth buying? A self-test.

There is hardly any more ideal test person: For years, muscle hardening has plagued me regularly – especially in my calves. They are not only annoying to painful, I also have to interrupt my running training for weeks. Even one or the other competition I could only finish under severe (calf) pain.

Does the gun hold what the marketing department promises?

Regular massage, blackroll, stretching (ok, here it mostly remained with good intention): It’s not that I wouldn’t pay attention to my calves. And yet they plague me regularly and sometimes out of the blue with muscle hardening during and after the running training. That’s why I was very excited when I held Compex’s massage pistol in my hands. As always, the marketing promises are full-bodied to enthusiastic. But does the gun keep its promise? It has been in regular service for three months now. Time for a conclusion.

Frappante’s result

I forgo the whole unboxing story here and go straight to the important part: The part helps. And how! On average, I massage my calves with the gun for about 5 minutes every other day. Pretty consistent after every running training, but also on days without running training. From time to time also as a warm-up program before running. This is still at the lowest level, with the round essay. There would be two stronger massage levels and very nasty, pointed attachments for the deep massage. Ouch. Despite the “light program” the result is striking: Since I started this procedure – besides normal massage, but instead of blackroll – I have never had calf problems, at least no massive muscle hardening (my masseur still finds such, but no comparison to before). This despite increased running range, including intensive training and many longjogs. In October I was even able to set an unbelievable monthly record with over 220 kilometers of running and 2,500 meters of altitude. That would have been the safe end for my calves in the last few years. And for weeks.

Proud gun owner

Conclusion: It cannot be a coincidence that I have not had any significant calf hardening since the use of the Compex massage gun. So now I’ve become a proud gun owner. Who would have thought that.

Your Marcel Kamm


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