It is not the running shoe that is spectacular or causes a stir. But On’s Cloudflyer is a quiet workhorse for basic runs that is stable and light at the same time, and you almost don’t feel it even on longer runs.

The Cloudflyer was On’s first more stable running shoe. A revised version was launched a few weeks ago. Now the Cloudflyer is also equipped with the new Helion sole material, which is lighter, less temperature-sensitive and also more agile with the same cushioning. The heel section has become a tick firmer and more stable. After several short and long test runs we can say in good conscience: This is a top training shoe for (almost) all situations, especially for longer, easy runs.

Perfect fit

Admittedly, the shoe does not immediately start as a highly dynamic speed machine at first glance. It looks rather chunky, which is perhaps also due to the design with the coloured heel area, which thus looks quite massive. But if you overcome the first somewhat restrained impression and give the shoe a chance, you will not be disappointed. As always with On, the fit (for normal feet) is extremely good. Generously cut and yet compact on the foot, probably also thanks to the cloudflyer-typical special lacing. For very narrow feet, however, the Cloudflyer might be a little too wide. The impression of the massive heel region is also relativized when you first slip in. The shoe feels light for a stable training shoe, at the same time the high stability manifests itself at the first contact.

High stability in the heel area

This is also confirmed when running. The stability of the shoe is clearly felt, especially in the heel area. However, it is still agile and gives a very good feedback. The heel hold is very good, for heel runners there is enough cushioning. Therefore, the Cloudflyer is mainly suitable as a training shoe for longer sessions, easy endurance runs and recom trainings. But: Occasional speedups are always possible. We even tested it in a fast track session and it is still well run there. There are certainly more suitable shoes for fast units, that is clear. But the Cloudtec elements do their work at high tempi efficiently. There is never a feeling of having a heavy piece on your foot.
It is also clear that the shoe feels at home mainly on concrete or light field and forest paths. Difficult trails, slippery sections or thick gravel are not its world. But there are also trail running shoes, aren’t they?

Love is…

Conclusion: At first glance, it may not look like it: But if you are looking for a stable yet agile training shoe, you will be happy with the Cloudflyer. He has already grown strongly to our hearts as an allround training shoe.


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