Gray is just the color

With the Ride 13, Saucony has launched a great update of its classic running shoe. We have tested and are very impressed by the neutral training shoe.

OK: The Ride 13 is not really very attractive. Too grey, too inconspicuous, almost the shoe seems invisible, so unspectacular it presents itself externally. But the external impression is deceptive. The shoe is much better than it looks like. With the update of the ride Saucony has succeeded a really great throw, the true beauty comes from inside.

It starts with the fit: As usual at Saucony, the shoe is generously cut. Plenty of space, especially in the forefoot area, super pleasant upper, well padded heel section and the special lacing with the “fat” laces, all of this ensures a “comfy feeling”. Sure, this makes sense above all for slow to medium-fast and especially longer runs. But this is also the area for which the Ride 13 is designed. This also applies to cushioning. With the new cushioning material PWRRUN, which is also used in other models such as the Kinwara, a pleasant cushion feeling is created while at the same time surprisingly compact running feeling. The shoe just feels just right, especially for long runs: Pleasant but not too heavily cushioned, yet light and dynamic. A shoe that does its job unobtrusively perfectly and reliably.

The sole is reinforced with abrasion-resistant material, which not only makes it durable, but also sufficiently resistant to a wide range of substrates. It runs excellently on both asphalt and forest surface. Only on muddy or otherwise impassable single trails the shoe feels not really at home. But there are trail running shoes for that.

The Saucony Ride 13 is classically cut, so it doesn’t have a curved sole shape like the Endorphin series. This results in a normal rolling behavior with the advantage that one is not forced into a certain movement pattern as with shoes with curved carbon sole. So you can also vary the running technique, the shoe runs just as well over the heel as over the middle foot. Only pure forefoot runners would not be so happy with the shoe. But in the area of a normal training run, forefoot is probably a real issue for the few.

Conclusion: To infer from the external appearance to the inner values would be fatal with Ride 13. Here Saucony has relaunched a great neutral training shoe for longer runs as well as the hobby runner almost unnoticed. Thanks to the modern PWRRUN material, it has been possible to combine good cushioning with dynamics and to ideally complement the Saucony lineup.


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