Swimming seminars

Wetsuit Tests 2021

Also in 2021 you have the opportunity to find the ideal wetsuit for you at a test event. We start on May 18th with a first test in Horgen. The other test data for Horgen: 1 June/15 June. Test the models of the top brands Sailfish, Zoot and Aquasphere without...

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Open Water Training 2021

From May 20th we start the Open Water season 2021. On ten dates until mid-July we swim together in Lake Zurich with head coach Michael "Micky" Tronczik and other coaches. This training is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced swimmer, as we are in...

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Tempo Sport Swimnight Türlersee July 9, 2021

New date!More and more people are discovering open water swimming. Do you want to learn the basics? Or are you already experienced and want to improve? Or simply enjoy an evening in the beautiful Türlersee with like-minded people? You can experience all this on our...

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Technical training swimming channel winter 2020/21

The swimming channel in Horgen offers the ideal conditions for addressing technical aspects in a targeted manner. Our coach Michael "Micky" Tronczik will take care of you in this intensive seminar 1:1. With us, the group sizes are limited to 4 participants, which...

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Efficient pull rope training

Pull rope training has also reached many amateur swimmers since the lockdown. Properly applied, it is an excellent and varied technique, strength and even endurance training. But few know how to use the rope properly. An experienced swimming coach will show you the...

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